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Maintenance update – Toilet Blockages.

Eastcoast housing has been contacted by local water authorities advising us that there has been an increase in non-flushable items being flushed down the toilets. This is a friendly reminder to all our renters not to flush the following down the toilet:

This is important. Even if they say they are flushable, never flush wet wipes. These are frequently the cause of clogs and should always be thrown out in a wastebasket instead. Even “flushable” wipes don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does, which can eventually cause plumbing issues.

Cotton balls, cotton pads, and Q-Tips are definitely not safe to flush — they don’t break down the way toilet paper does, and all they really do is clump together in your pipes and cause problems down the line.

This one might shock you, but menstrual products (tampons, pads, etc.) should also never be flushed down the toilet. Why? These products are meant to absorb water, not break down in it, meaning they’ll only expand when you flush them — and that’s definitely not good for your plumbing.

Condoms are also not designed to break down in the water, so flushing them can cause clogs in toilets and septic tanks.

Just like menstrual products, diapers are meant to absorb water. Diapers don’t break down in the water and can lead to costly damages to your system. Dispose of all diapers in a diaper pail.

In addition to clogging your pipes, flushing dental floss can actually cause environmental damage. When the floss is flushed, floss basically turns into a net, catching and holding onto other debris — it can even wrap around parts of your septic system and burn out the motor.

You might think paper towels and tissues aren’t all that different from toilet paper, but they’re simply not designed to break down the way toilet paper does. If you need to use paper towels or tissues instead of toilet paper, dispose of them in a wastebasket.

If you have old pills that you need to get rid of, don’t flush the pills — toilet water doesn’t break them down properly, meaning the medication gets into the water and can cause toxic environmental effects.

In addition to causing clogs, cigarette butts are made of toxic chemicals, and that’s exactly what flushing cigarettes down the drain adds to the water.

Some brands of cat litter claim to be flushable, however, most toilets don’t use enough water to move the litter along properly in your pipes. Even if the brand claims it’s flushable, don’t flush cat litter down the toilet. All it does is add more things to the water that make it harder to purify. Cat waste from the litter box should also not be flushed, because the litter dehydrates the waste and toilets are meant to flush water-soluble waste.

11. HAIR
Similar to dental floss, hair forms a sort of net when you flush it down the drain and gets caught in your pipes. Additionally, hair never dissolves so it creates more risk of clogging your system.

12. GUM
Flushing gum down the toilet is a big mistake, as it’s sticky and insoluble. Being sticky leads to an increased risk of clogging your pipes. Since it’s insoluble, the gum will never disintegrate causing a major risk for potential issues to your system down the line.

Just like you shouldn’t put cooking grease down the drain, you should never flush grease. When the grease cools, it congeals which makes it thicker and leads to the risk of clogging your pipes.

14. FISH
Although you’ve probably heard of people flushing their pet fish, this actually isn’t a good idea. Fish don’t break down in the water, which leads to an increased risk of creating a clog. Rather than flushing your deceased fish, consider a proper burial.

15. FOOD
This might surprise you because human waste is basically just broken-down food anyway, but flushing food that hasn’t been digested can cause problems for your plumbing, too. While it’s biodegradable and will break down eventually, it can cause clogs until that happens.





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The last few days have been a bit chaotic to say the lest. Here at Eastcoast Housing we want to assure you that we are still here if you need us. Eastcoast Housing staff can be contacted by ringing 51277160 and leaving a voice message with your name number and why you are calling you, can also reach us by emailing Please note the out office is closed until further notice.
We ask that everyone in lock down take care of each other and where possible reach out to others to make sure they are ok, even if it is a txt, phone call or talking to a neighbour over the fence.
And please no panic buying! be sensible, help each other where possible and be kind.
For anyone currently in lock down please take note of the following:
You cannot have visitors or visit friends and family who live at another household, except for caregiving or compassionate reasons or providing services.
No visits to a second place of residence are permitted outside of the restricted areas.
Exercise is allowed, but you cannot leave or enter restricted metropolitan Melbourne areas or the Mitchell Shire for physical activity.
Restaurants and cafes can open for take away and delivery only. Food courts will continue to be closed.
Pubs, bars, clubs, and nightclubs will be closed. They can offer take away or home delivery of food and alcohol. Bottle shops are allowed to remain open.
The only markets that are permitted to operate are food and drink market stalls.
Beauty therapy, tanning, waxing, nail salons, spas, tattoo parlours and massage parlours must not operate.
Hairdressing businesses can operate if they request contact details of customers in case contact tracing is required.
You cannot attend a religious service. Online streaming of a service is allowed.
Weddings can have a maximum of five people (the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant).

Funerals will be restricted to 10 mourners plus people required to conduct the funeral.
indoor sports centres including gyms, training facilities and pools will be closed.
Outdoor sport facilities will be closed. Personal training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants, including the instructor.
Galleries, museums, national institutions and historic sites closed.
Zoos, wildlife parks, petting zoos, aquariums and animal farms closed.
Outdoor amusement parks and outdoor arcades closed.
Indoor cinemas, drive-in cinemas, concert venues, theatres and auditoriums closed.
Community sport training and competition cannot occur.
Libraries and community venues will be closed, except for essential public support services.
Although many shops will remain open, you are encouraged to only shop for essential goods and services.
Auction houses are only permitted to conduct auctions remotely.
No photo description available.
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Eastcoast Housing take the health and wellbeing of our tenants, clients, contractors and staff seriously. 

Following the COVID-19 outbreak Eastcoast Housing have implemented the following changes

  • Clean all surfaces regularly

  • Clean all rooms and any stationary used after each use 

  • Re-arrange waiting room chairs to allow social distance

  • Provide hand sanitiser to clients and staff and ask people to use it

  • Staff will be required to clean their office space regularly

When arranging maintenance our tenants will be asked a series of questions, these questions will determine the risk posed to our tenants and contractors contracting COVID-19. We ask that you are honest in answering these questions as we do not want anyone putting their health or the health of others at risk.  

Sample Questions:   

In response to COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus), I will need to ask you the following questions before allocating your work to a contractor:

Have you, a family member, guest or recent visitor of the property:

⦁    Been overseas in the last two weeks or been in contact with anyone who has returned from overseas in the last two weeks?

⦁    Met in person with anyone who has since been advised they have COVID-19?

⦁    Been diagnosed with COVID-19 or suspect you may have the virus?

⦁    Are you a family member, guest or recent visitor of the property currently (but only recently) experiencing any of the following: fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties?

Should a tenant, family member, guest or recent visitor of the property answer YES to any of these questions the following steps will be taken: 

⦁    If works are required to the inside of the dwelling, the tenant is to be advised over the phone that they will need to wait in another room of the house with the door closed while the contractor completes the job.  If works are required to the exterior of their dwelling or the area surrounding their dwelling, then the tenant is to be advised they are to wait inside their home while the contractor completes the job.

⦁    Contractor is to wear the following PPE when they attend the property – disposable P2 face mask, full coveralls and gloves.  If the tenant cannot be reached on the phone number provided in the job order, the contractor is to undertake Steps 1 and 2 above when they attend the property.  

⦁    When contractor attends the property, the tenant is to show the contractor the location of the issue if required and then do as instructed under Step 2.  The tenant and contractor should aim to maintain a minimum of 1.5m between them.

⦁    Contractor is to complete the job as quickly as possible.

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Eastcoast Housing aim is to protect staff and their families, contractors, tenants and volunteers from exposure to COVID-19. Our response measures aim to minimise any risk to the community and potential disruption of services through this time.

Eastcoast Housing will continue to provide services to our tenants and clients. During this time our office hours will remain the same 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday. Staff will be working from home and coming into the office as needed. People are advised to call Eastcoast Housing on 51277160 or 0408 057 689. You can also email us on

Support for our tenants and clients is crucial at this time. Eastcoast Housing will continue to communicate with tenants and clients through text messages, telephone calls and emails and post updates on our website when required.

We encourage tenants and clients to practice proper hand-washing, social distancing and refrain from panic buying during this time.

Remember to be kind to each other during these difficult times. We are all in this together.

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