Eastcoast Housing aims to provide equality of access to affordable housing for middle and low income earners. The housing must be suitable for the applicant’s needs, offer security of tenure and promote tenant participation and control.

We also provide a choice of community services in tenancy, property and asset management which is available to all and to support special accommodation groups within the Eastcoast region of Victoria.

Tenancy management delivers the ‘people’ side of the property and service delivery partnership under program guidelines and the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).

Tenancy management covers allocation to housing, negotiation and monitoring of tenancy/occupancy agreements/house rules, management of disputes and complaints, collection of rent and support to resolve issues that arise and/or issues that led to the homelessness or that may place that person at risk of (further) periodsof homelessness.

Support is an individualized case managed response to the range of issues that have caused a person or family to become homelessness and/or prevents them from establishing or maintaining a long term home. It is a broad and diverse response typically covering income and health matters and specific barriers to housing such as tenancy disputes, debt, and discrimination.

One of our primary aims is to ensure people are able to sustain their housing once they become tenants of ours. We recognise that individuals with social problems cannot address those problems if they haven’t got secure housing first. Eastcoast Housing is not funded to provide intensive personal support however has good connections with social support agencies within the community and is able to refer people as required for targeted support and counselling.

Not all tenants will need support.

How to apply for housing with us?

Eastcoast Housing will no longer be accepting applications for housing.

We encourage anyone seeking accommodation to complete an application form via the MyGov website.

When completing an application form via the MyGov website please ensure you select Community Housing. This will ensure your application can be consider by Eastcoast Housing.


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