10.5 Rent Setting

Rent setting

This policy establishes the approach of Eastcoast Housing to setting rent and determining rental subsidies in its long-term rental housing programs.


This policy applies to all long-term rental properties owned or managed by Eastcoast Housing under all relevant programs.


Eastcoast Housing sets rent/provides subsidised rent to fulfill its social mission and to ensure that its housing relieves households from rental stress.

Accordingly, Eastcoast Housing will:

  • set rent/determine rental subsidies in accordance with established affordability benchmarks
  • communicate clearly to applicants and tenants as to how Eastcoast Housing sets and reviews rent/ determines rental subsidies
  • respond appropriately to changes in household circumstances to prevent undue hardship, and
  • comply with its contractual, legal and regulatory obligations relating to affordability of rent.

10.5 2022 Rent Setting

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