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Legislation Changes

The amended Housing Act 1983 provides the legislative framework for the registration of all community housing providers receiving funding from the Government. All organisations, including Eastcoast Housing need to make sure their processes, practices and business plans meet the requirements for registration.

What are the benefits for renters?

  • Fair and equitable rent policies for community and public housing Renters.
  • Improved renter communities through community capacity building projects.
  • Quality improvement plans for services.
  • Better allocation of housing to your needs.
  • More community housing.

What does it mean for you as a renter?

  • You will have the same after rent income as if you were a public housing renter.
  • A strong economic basis for community housing organisations to continue to provide housing and residency services for those in most need.
  • Greater certainty that you will be provided with quality services.
  • More say in projects that affect you and the community you live in.

How your rent is calculated?

You are currently living in a property which is managed by Eastcoast Housing who receive funding from the rent you pay.

Rent Calculations

Rent is calculated in accord with our funding obligations and as set out in our contract with Department of Health and Human Services and is as follows:

  • The amount which is the sum of (Assessable Income + 44% of Family Tax Benefits) – 3 X Threshold Rent; and
  • The amount which is the sum of 30% of Assessable Income + 15% of Family Tax Benefits + Maximum CRA; and
  • Where the property the subject of the lease is Not a shared Property, the amount which is equal to the property Market Rent determined by DHHS and notified to Eastcoast Housing from time to time.

NB: Maintenance or Child Support payments you receive are part of Assessable Income, however is calculated at 15%.

Water Charges

All public and social housing renters must contribute to the cost of the water they use – whether or not they have a separate water meter.

If a property has a separate water meter usage is put into the renters name at the beginning of the residency and all bills go directly to them for payment.

Water usage is charged to renters when the property is NOT separately metered and the bills for usage go to Eastcoast Housing. The amount charged to the renter is less than that charged for usage to Eastcoast Housing to ensure the pensioner concession is accounted for.

The charge is in addition to your normal rent and will be shown on your account statement. You can pay it in the same way you pay your rent.

NB: Eastcoast DOES NOT charge renters for the service or supply of water to the property. Eastcoast Housing pays this cost.

NB: Maximum rent does not include outgoings recoverable from the renter (ie rent arrears, maintenance costs associated with damages by the renter, their friends, family, and visitors).

Rent Reviews

Every six months, usually in June and December each year, Eastcoast Housing assesses renter’s eligibility to continue being charged at the Rebated Rent rate. We will ask you to verify your income and, using the formula set out above, will reassess your eligibility. If you do not supply current income details when asked, Eastcoast Housing will charge the Market Rent rate for the property you lease.

It is important to notify us if you have a change in circumstances that may affect your rent.

Please note that if you get a job and your income increases we will not increase your rent until the next rent review.

Garden Grants

Eastcoast offers renters a Gardening Grant from time to time. This grant, (up to $200.00), is to be used to improve the gardens in the renter’s home. Eastcoast Housing has been offering this for the past 6 years and is very impressed with the results and efforts some renters have undertaken to make their homes look great.

How to make a complaint

At Eastcoast Housing we believe everyone has the right to complain about our service and be given information about our complaints procedures.

The staff and management will:

  • Provide accurate information on the services we offer and our policies
  • Assist in the process of seeking redress if you have a problem and provide you with the necessary information about how to complain
  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Offer private and confidential interviews
  • Provide information about who to go to if you are not happy with the resolution offered by Eastcoast Housing.

We believe that clients and consumers have the right to provide feedback and this will feed into our quality assurance programs of continuous improvement.

All written complaints to Eastcoast Housing from neighbours or body corporate representatives will be responded to in the most appropriate manner within the Residential Tenancies Act (1997). Concerns can be heard over the telephone but no actions will be taken unless a written statement is received.

NB: The only evidence acceptable before VCAT is in the form of an affidavit or presented in person.


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