Eastcoast Housing take the health and wellbeing of our tenants, clients, contractors and staff seriously. 

Following the COVID-19 outbreak Eastcoast Housing have implemented the following changes

  • Clean all surfaces regularly

  • Clean all rooms and any stationary used after each use 

  • Re-arrange waiting room chairs to allow social distance

  • Provide hand sanitiser to clients and staff and ask people to use it

  • Staff will be required to clean their office space regularly

When arranging maintenance our tenants will be asked a series of questions, these questions will determine the risk posed to our tenants and contractors contracting COVID-19. We ask that you are honest in answering these questions as we do not want anyone putting their health or the health of others at risk.  

Sample Questions:   

In response to COVID-19 (also known as the Coronavirus), I will need to ask you the following questions before allocating your work to a contractor:

Have you, a family member, guest or recent visitor of the property:

⦁    Been overseas in the last two weeks or been in contact with anyone who has returned from overseas in the last two weeks?

⦁    Met in person with anyone who has since been advised they have COVID-19?

⦁    Been diagnosed with COVID-19 or suspect you may have the virus?

⦁    Are you a family member, guest or recent visitor of the property currently (but only recently) experiencing any of the following: fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties?

Should a tenant, family member, guest or recent visitor of the property answer YES to any of these questions the following steps will be taken: 

⦁    If works are required to the inside of the dwelling, the tenant is to be advised over the phone that they will need to wait in another room of the house with the door closed while the contractor completes the job.  If works are required to the exterior of their dwelling or the area surrounding their dwelling, then the tenant is to be advised they are to wait inside their home while the contractor completes the job.

⦁    Contractor is to wear the following PPE when they attend the property – disposable P2 face mask, full coveralls and gloves.  If the tenant cannot be reached on the phone number provided in the job order, the contractor is to undertake Steps 1 and 2 above when they attend the property.  

⦁    When contractor attends the property, the tenant is to show the contractor the location of the issue if required and then do as instructed under Step 2.  The tenant and contractor should aim to maintain a minimum of 1.5m between them.

⦁    Contractor is to complete the job as quickly as possible.

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