Asset Management

Eastcoast Housing manages our own and the Victorian government’s housing assets by taking into account the following performance areas; responsiveness, reliability, cost effectiveness, maintenance performance, asset condition and performance, labour resources, spares and consumables, time dependencies, health and safety, environmental impact, customer service, communication plans and insurance cover.

We balance reactive and planning maintenance and provide effective asset management by providing better accountability, sustainability, risk management, service management and financial efficiency, as explained below.

Strong governance and accountability by:

  • Demonstrating to government, tenants and stakeholders that services are being delivered effectively and efficiently;
  • Providing transparent and auditable basis for making service/risk/price trade-off decisions;
  • Improving accountability for use of resources through performance and financial indicators; and
  • Providing the ability to benchmark results against similar organisations.
  • More effective and sustainable decisions by:
  • Having robust information evidence base to support decisions;
  • Considering all viable options (including demand management) and all aspects of decisions; and
  • Ensuring all lifecycle costs are included in decision processes, so that the emphasis is on sustainable efficiencies not unsustainable short-term gains.

Enhanced tenant service through:

  • Improved understanding of service requirements and options;
  • Improved performance and control of service delivery to the required standards; and
  • A more holistic approach to Asset Management within the organisation through multi-disciplinary management teams.

Effective risk management by:

  • Demonstrating compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Understanding the risks related to Asset Management and service delivery and applying a framework to prioritise risk mitigation;
  • Applying business continuity practices; and
  • Addressing the inter-relationships between different networks

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